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GHASP's Code of Conduct

Here we want to outline a set of values, rules and principles for engagement within our network. We want to create an area where members with a shared vision of change are able to interact and connect to make meaningful progress in the decarbonisation of healthcare and advocating for climate change action. We are desperately aware of the urgency of these two needs and we want to create the best possible environment to allow them to happen. While working towards these essential goals every member has the right to do so without risk or fear of discrimination, prejudice or persecution. We strive for a network where mutual respect underlies every interaction. 


Our mission statement:

To take urgent, collective action to reduce the environmental impact of healthcare in the UK and beyond. 


Our key values:

  1. Inclusivity -  an organisation open to all 

  2. Action that is Effective and Efficient 

  3. Use our voices to edducate and advocate on these issues 

  4. Ongoing reflection and evaluation of our efforts 


Our rules of engagement:

We want to create a network which facilitates effective and efficient action based on mutual respect between members. In order to ensure that this space remains free of prejudice or persecution we have developed some rules of engagement that we ask members to abide by. 


  1. Treat all members fairly and equally 

  2. Discriminatory, hostile or intimidating messages will not be tolerated, we ask all members to bring any concerning messages to the attention of the admins by emailing 

  3. Open conversation - be respectful of others’ views, all ideas and comments have value.

  4. Maintain an area/ network where people of any culture or background are treated with respect. We pledge to act to do this but ask for engagement from the whole network to ensure this. 

  5. Remember this is a public area, available for all members to see, any comments are subject to libel, slander and antitrust laws - this may be specifically important to remember when discussing commercially available products. 

  6. Don’t publicly post commercial messages, this is a platform free from advertising

  7. When reposting content created by someone else ensure they are credited 

  8. Do not post any information or other material protected by copyright without permission 

  9. Be mindful of the language you use - although an intention may not be to offend, language is a powerful trigger and can carry unintended consequences. Also be mindful that English may not be the first language of all users. 

  10. Aim to keep posts on-topic and related to the appropriate forum area 

  11. When posting a long message, consider posting a short summary at the beginning 


Our pledges to members:

  1. We pledge to take appropriate action when users to do not abide by these rules, this is not limited to, but includes periods of suspension or termination of access to the members area 

    1. Any form of discrimination be it based on a person’s race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, socioeconomic class, education level, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, size, political belief, religion or mental or physical ability will be removed by the Admins and addressed appropriately ensuring harms are addressed and learning ensues  

  2. To provide a communication tool that is functional for our members 

  3. To continue to respond to feedback and adapt the system to work at its best for members 


Thanks for taking the time to read through this, by signing up to the members area you are stating that you agree to abide by our code of conduct. 


Any questions please contact

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