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What is GHASP?

We aim to promote collaborative effective and efficient action on cutting the carbon cost of healthcare.

We are a network of likeminded healthcare professionals who strive to work in a healthcare system that is fit to take on the challenges the climate and environmental crisis presents. GHASP provides tools and space for members to share knowledge, prior experience and support each other in the aims of decarbonising healthcare and educating others. 

Our Areas of Focus

Quality Improvement

We support our members in projects to make practical changes in decarbonising healthcare in their daily clinical practice.

Education and Advocacy

We keep our members informed about climate science and assist them to use their voices to advocate for climate change action.


Our members have provided presentations and advice to various outside organisations and we are keen to keep working with new partners

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"Climate change has the potential to reverse the health gains from economic development that have been made in recent decades - not just through the direct effects on health from a changing and more unstable climate, but through indirect means such as increased migration and reduced social stability. However, our analysis clearly shows that by tackling climate change, we can also benefit health, and tackling climate change i fact represents one of the greatest opportunities to benefit human health for generations to come."

Professor Anthony Costello, Director of UCL Institute for Global health

Member benefits

We welcome anyone with an interest in sustainable healthcare to join GHASP. It's free to join, only takes a minute and comes with the following benefits. 


'The Library'

A repository of tried and tested resources to aid you with QIP projects, presentations and other educational opportunities


Individual Profile

Let other members know your interests and what you hope to gain from joining.

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The Network

Access to a continually growing and diverse membership for advice, support and to stimulate innovation

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Members Chat

Chat directly with other members for advice or create group chats for collaboration

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Members Forum

Our forums are a respository of advice and experience for members as well as a place to discuss projects

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Leadership Opportunities

Take the chance to help guide GHASP's direction and coordinate projects you are passionate about. 

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Conference & Meetings

Attend GHASP con. to hear what other members are up to, be inspired and share your work.

Our Story

The Greener Healthcare and Sustainability Project (GHASP) was started in 2018 by two Anaesthetic Trainees as the Greener Anaesthesia and Sustainability Project (GASP). Over the years the organisation has supported its members in various sustainability focussed quality improvement projects, provided talks both within healthcare settings and outside of them and run a members conference in 2021. We have now widened our scope of practice beyond Anaesthetics and welcome members from all aspects of healthcare. We have members all across the UK and beyond, sharing their expertise and collaborating to build a healthcare system that is fit for the future.  

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