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Did you know the doctors, nurses and pharmacists are the 3 most trusted professions in the UK as per the Ipsos MORI Veracity Index, 2020.

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Its important that as healthcare professionals we use this privilege to advocate for the people who are so trusting in us. Climate change is the 21st century's greatest threat to human health and we should be shouting about it. At GHASP we feel that we all have a responsibility to demand change from the top, whilst enacting the change in our day to day lives, at home and at work. As with a lot of these things it is often easier, more comfortable and more effective when we collaborate and use our collective voice.

"I'm fed up with all the packaging!"

Health sectors employ vast numbers of employees, who use a vast amount of stuff. As a result we have a lot of influence and sway when it comes to suppliers. Next time you are approached by a pharmaceutical or device representative, ask them what their company is doing to be more sustainable. If you are unhappy with the unsustainable packaging your supplies come in, let us know, let you trust know and we can work together to get it changed. It is highly likely you are not the only one unhappy with it and together we can make our voices and buying power heard. There are many excellent companies we procure from who want to better themselves from a sustainability perspective. We can help them achieve this. We can also help you look out for "green washing" tactics some companies take in order to boost their image.


"My trust are doing NOTHING when it comes to the environment!"

If you are unhappy with what your work place are doing when it comes to the environment you can make a difference. All trusts should have a Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP). SDMPs map trusts' carbon footprints and make plans to reduce them. Effective plans are multidisciplinary involving estates, pharmacy, clinicians, infection control, procurement and many more stakeholders. We can help you get your trust to declare a climate emergency.

In a Meeting

At GHASP we have experience in getting healthcare professionals onto SDMP working groups. Its great management and leadership experience, and it means we all learn from each others domains. More often than not the solution to the problem lies in getting the right people around the table. 

Be it lobbying industry, hospitals or government our network can help you. 

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